The importance of looking at logos from all angles (and upside down) 😆

This is a fab example for why it’s so important to test logos in different applications and to look at them from a variety of perspectives.

During the concept phase, one approach is to take the letters of the brand (if that’s the kind of logo you are developing) and writing them down in every possible way you can think of to see if some magic happens and they reveal a visual characteristic that translates well into an icon or shape.

It seems the creators of this icon did go some way with that and once you look at it the intended way you can see the minus and plus in the letters – but it’s a real pity it has an upside down side effect that’s rather confusing!

In any case, it’s worth a smile and made my day!!!

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Carter Wong revamp for British craft beer is just the ticket

British craft beer brand TicketyBrew has unveiled a refreshed identity with design by multi-disciplinary studio Carter Wong.

Restoring impact and structure

Having quickly expanded to include more than 35 flavours the brand had begun to suffer from a series of tweaks to its overarching visual identity. To restore impact Carter Wong refocused TicketyBrew’s messaging, stripping the brand back to a simplified identity with a more contemporary look and feel.

The range was then segmented to provide structure, splitting the portfolio into a Core Range of 11 beers and a Limited Editions range of approximately 26 more unusual flavours.

Stripped back design

Carter Wong retained the original colour palette for the Core Range but reduced the volume of written content on the wraparound label for a cleaner feel. Each flavour within the Core Range now has a number to help distinguish between the products, with a stamp design to celebrate where the beer is made and touches of bright colours to appeal to the latest trends.

Across the Limited Editions range, a patterned background in vibrant tones creates standout to differentiate from the Core Range, with four patterns on rotation and colourways chosen based on the individual flavours.

Where the Core Range shows a stamp of origin in a contrasting hue, the Limited Editions have the year the flavour was introduced. With new flavour profiles released every 4-6 weeks, a newly-introduced digital print approach enables TicketyBrew to amend and print new versions quickly and easily.

Engaging a more informed consumer

Sarah Turner, Managing Director, Carter Wong, says: “Since the launch of TicketyBrew in 2013, the craft beer market has grown considerably and as a result, the average consumer is more knowledgeable about their options. Once fit for purpose, the TicketyBrew brand had begun to lose impact as the craft beer category became more competitive.

“We retained the core brand identity with its wrap-around labels and perforated tickets with hidden glass shape but refined the core messaging for an evolved marketplace. The updated design sets the brand apart in an increasingly crowded sector, with added flexibility to introduce new flavour profiles as it continues to grow.”

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Je ne sais quoi

It may just be the French way of life, but…

Compare the pretty standard wheelchair priority sign with that for pregnant ladies and mums. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a flirty depiction of a mother with child in a supermarket – mini skirt, high heels, coquettish hand on hip, leg hoisted up on the stroller.

From my own experience with three boys, the typical picture of a mother with impatient kids at a checkout is a rather different one!

Mind you, it may make the men look twice and remember to let mums to be and mums that are go ahead in the queue ;-)


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In app twist

A lot of apps are very visual these days but we still do have to write things. I'm not even starting to talk about how awful the spelling mistakes are in news apps.

I started using this clever little Instagram grid helper and was actually really surprised to see a typo on the one page that contains instructions. How on earth?!?! The trouble is, it reflects badly on the brand and sows a seed of doubt about the quality. It's easily avoided.

(Last time I checked it was following, not 'follwoing'…)

One of my friends works for a large corporate and I like this footer – 'this email has been typed on a phone and may contain errors'. I like that somehow – it's expressing the frustrating downfalls of predictable text, Siri and other clever tech that's almost but not quite there yet.

As a brand manager, typos are details that should not be overlooked – we may all be accustomed to the quirks of instant messaging and high speed Comms but in my mind it's this attention to detail that will differentiate a brand in terms of quality and expertise.

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Ups, I forgot to mention…

…. the name of my product!

Don’t walk up too closely to this banner stand in the local cinema. What looks like a standard ad for Doritos quickly becomes a giggle when you see that the actual ‘new flavour’ had been forgotten (unless this is a new way to style roll up banners) and had to be stuck on with paper and the perhaps slightly uninspiring line ‘Have you tried Chilli flavoured Nachos ??’

I won’t even mention the typography (or lack of). IMG_1621-1



And why would a triangle have a thinking bubble? Perhaps it is a dream cloud and the designers found themselves in a little bit of a nightmare…





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A smell of Mercedes-Benz

I’ve been bemused many times by brand expansions that perhaps don’t come to mind naturally… mustard made by a whiskey brand, marinades by Dr. Pepper, perfume by Zippo lighters. And we seem to be having a new one that seems just a little contrived to me. The Mercedes Benz scent is upon us. Complete with baseball cap offer.

Just one thing made me smile – a special smell of petrol positioned right next to Diesel.

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A Chocolate Chip Cookie to make you smile

I like this – it always pays to customise as much as you can for your brand image! Nicely done hotel chocolate! :-) This is a nice way to use the regulatory cookie policy on their website. Who says you can’t have fun with legalities!

Not taking the biscuit...

Not taking the biscuit…

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