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A Brand Advert to DIY For

Just a quick one really. I am not a regular TV advertising watcher, but when I came across the recent B&Q ad, I thought it is a great example for the difference between big brand advertising and direct response adverts. … Continue reading

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Getting the Hang of Standing Up – Progress for the Standeazy Brand

It’s been months since I last wrote about my Standeazy marketing journey. I tried a lot of different things and some are proving to be successful. Somebody mentioned on a podcast that starting a new business, it usually takes around … Continue reading

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Seeing Double – and More…

I like this ad. It’s very simple, very local and very clear. It’s the kind of direct response advert that tries to be a brand advert without being too clever and without losing the message. What I like most about … Continue reading

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Every Little Yelps – Add This to the List of Brand Extension Failures

“Couture” means dressmaking, sewing, or needlework[1] and is also used as a common abbreviation of haute couture and refers to the same thing in spirit.[2] It makes me wonder if Tesco Couture ever had a chance. A value proposition so far removed from the … Continue reading

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SME Branding Lesson #12 – To Brand or Not to Brand…

… advertise that is the question. I recently came across an article written by a marketing expert that suggests SMEs spending time and money on branding really are wasting their time. As I read on, I realised that he may … Continue reading

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SME Branding Lesson #11 – Be Straight in Your Communications

I received a letter from Tesco pet insurance about the renewal of our policy. The letter suggested an upgrade of the policy and mentioned just on the side the new monthly fee. It was more than double to what I … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Brandmaster:
Brand specialists talk glibly about the importance for brand differentiation, but in the real world, businesses may have to struggle with ‘me-too’ brands. In practice they will find they have just two levers to pull. They…

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