All Change! (Perhaps?)

You are working like crazy on building your brand, playing it all by the book, getting plenty of exposure and collecting feedback. Make it a recurring practice to analyse and digest your findings.

We are in the great position that the old communication model of blasting out a message to the masses and hoping some of it sticks on some of the target market is long gone and a much more transparent communication model has replaced it.

Old brand communication model

Old brand communication model

New brand communication model

New brand communication model

It’s no longer a shouting match, it’s a conversation (or at least it should be). Many brands have embraced this and it adds an interesting dimension to marketing – the scope for more targeted campaigns to smaller audiences with a higher response rate has increased and is supported by the ever-increasing adaptability of digital print for ‘traditional’ campaigns.

As your brand evolves so will your customers. Vice versa, you have to be able to adapt to changing consumer behaviour due to new technology, politics, the economy, social trends, medicine, etc.

It may mean that advertising campaigns and loyalty programmes have to be adapted to suit changing communication styles, but it is above all a great opportunity for brands to act ‘real’ and show their personality.

About Regine Wilber

Brand strategist and designer with a passion for all things surrounding brand creation, design and management - and social media..
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2 Responses to All Change! (Perhaps?)

  1. brandmaster says:

    I like the simplicity of presenting the concept of conversation v communication. There is also a lot more going on in those big blue areas that remind me of the McKinsey Loyalty Loop ( Though that relates more directly to purchase rather than the bigger brand issues, it reflects upon the importance of advocacy in brand choice and loyalty.

    • Thank you! Very good thoughts. I tried to look at a snippet of brand communication and visualise the thought in a very simplistic way. You are right, it’s much more complex what’s going on in each circle!

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