Dracula 2000 and a case of lost type artistry

I’ve been away most of July and August – what an amazing Summer! It’s an ongoing challenge to get back into everyday work and family life, kids starting school and bringing home bugs. I’ve been coughing for all of September now but we are getting there – if only because no matter how poorly I feel, some things still bug me that others probably won’t care about but I have to mention them. This typographic blatantly obvious mishap for example.



Did they spend all their budget on Gerard Butler (is it really him?) and the graphic design department’s working hours were cut? Or the proof reader’s for that matter?

Making sure it really was Gerard, I came across this poster from imdb and the name of Dracula is not even listed?

What did Gerard do not to be on the it? And why do they show five characters (minus vampire) but only four actors are referenced?

It may be that they felt a vampire’s name wouldn’t appear in print (mirrors and all) but I think it reflects the general quality of the script that is in my mind seriously lacking some bite even as a “late up with a cough and nothing else to watch movie”…

Bring on Gary Oldman!

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