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Je ne sais quoi

A French signage quick study… Continue reading

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In app twist

A lot of apps are very visual these days but we still do have to write things. I'm not even starting to talk about how awful the spelling mistakes are in news apps. I started using this clever little Instagram … Continue reading

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Ups, I forgot to mention…

…. the name of my product! Don’t walk up too closely to this banner stand in the local cinema. What looks like a standard ad for Doritos quickly becomes a giggle when you see that the actual ‘new flavour’ had … Continue reading

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Nice idea, sack the art worker 

When the agency placing this advert for the saucy fish co got a copy of the magazine on their desks they must have had one of those moments… How can this happen in today’s tech savvy world? Get a discount … Continue reading

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Thank you for saying thank you!

When it comes to feedback from clients following the ‘go live’ of a web design or the distribution of a brochure, catalogue or marketing campaign, usually no news is good news. Feedback is usually given during the concept phase and … Continue reading

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BMW – Beautiful Marketing Opportunity Wasted

Hands up everyone who thinks that this is a yellow pages ad from a small business with the BMW logo stuck on… I hope I am not the only one that feels this is way below the usual brand aesthetics … Continue reading

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Nice brand name execution, shame about the brand domain name execution…

The jury is out on this one… What looks like a really slick and simple branding concept for One Euston Square (which forms part of a pedestrianised southern approach to Euston station) has been flawed by an in my mind over … Continue reading

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