Mental branding for memorable business

When there are about a million competitors in your marketplace, it’s hard to stand out and be recognised as different. 

mental rental branding
“A mental rate for your rental mate” — its perhaps a tad unexpected for a van rental business, but hey, why not! 

Made me chuckle and remember…

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Hmmm. A restaurant name not for the speed reader – or faint hearted

If this restaurant has done one thing with their logo it’s make me read it twice – but I’m not sure if for the right reason!

Since I believe that what we feel about a brand identity is just as important as what the brand delivers, I’d be wary to try this one, even if it’s a matter of spelling and interpretation.

Of course this is only because I am ignorant and not concentrating whilst flicking through the ad section of a magazine but there may be others  like me so beware when deciding a brand name.

terroir restaurant

I am filled with it reading this name ;-)

It actually reminds me of the muppets and Ricky Gervais as the international tour manager with the name Dominic Badguy — “pronounced Bad-gee…it’s French!”… :-)

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The trials of brand positioning …

… Quite literally actually! Returning from a trip to Germany, I came across this ‘freshness centre’ which left me chuckling. Toothbrushes and mints may go well together but slotted together with tampons and slip inlays seems somewhat inappropriate and perhaps a tad tasteless. I am not sure why, but since branding involves a lot of gut feeling, the feminine hygiene or travel refreshment guidelines could have done with some brand guidelines stating a product clear zone – even if it’s just the width of a hand – the way we prescribe them for logos to ensure they have enough clear space around them to stand out and not be compromised. We call it logo integrity. 

Product integrity should be a consideration in my mind, see also the boots example of amusingly misplaced water filters on the bladder weakness isle. 

Oh well, it is all in good humour and invites to caption writing!

product integrity

Fresh at both ends. Lovely!

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And the prize for funniest shop display of the week goes to…

Boots – and their somewhat misplaced display of water filters and purifiers in the ‘weak bladder’ isle.


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Egg on your shop display designers!

(Or the POS department)…



What a shame! Someone in the display section of this major high street retailer really missed an opportunity. These egg timers have all the promise of making an eye catching product in the kitchen department. Why not try to feature them with an equally eye-catching display? Egg cups anyone? Or even better an egg box to be truly authentic with the amount of egg timers and different colours available.

I found this egg packaging endearing: behance – though just an open egg box would have been fine…

Lovely simple egg display…

A simple egg box would have done...

A simple egg box would have done…

Branding doesn’t stop with a good product and messaging. The packaging is just as important – and if there is none in a retail environment, POS or display design takes on a crucial role in expression that brand message. Looking at the shelf now it says bright and will fly around the house. Not sure.

If it was neatly displayed, and looked organised, that would be more my cup of tea. Kitchens get messy without anyone doing much of anything! If you compare this display to any of the  Joseph Joseph brand, I am quite certain they would have made a feature of the holder as much as of the product.


Ladle stand..


Chopping board file…

Ad hoc” tea infuser design with stand – no dripping, rolling off or mess after use

Branding is in the detail. And those little extra details can make all the difference in the busy shelves or high street shops…

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Pandora – and that Valentine’s ad with just a bit too much flesh…

It’s made me stop every time I walked passed, which may be considered a good thing in the world of branding and advertising, but this advert has actually lost its charm for me.

I can’t decide if it is the strange nose like bit on the top of the ad or the background looking far too much like flattened skin with a ribbon and items spread across it. It’s just not working for me! It clearly can’t be skin because it would seem very peculiar to spread a number of bracelets across someone’s tummy and still have that much space left in-between without showing any limbs.

Oh well, Valentine’s is over so hopefully there will be another less curious advert appearing there instead.

Is it skin? Is it a nose? Whatever it is, it's not making me want to get near it!

Is it skin? Does it have a nose? Whatever it is, it’s not making me want to get near it!

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Title screen designer – you’re fired.

I know it’s personal taste and subjective but where was it ever a good idea to mix left aligned and centred especially in such close proximity and without any apparent need to?

The Apprentice titles are never a typographical feast for the eye but this really narks me. It would have been so easy to add a sub title that matches in style – or was this one of Lord Sugars’ unpublished tasks for ‘the candidates in the process’?


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