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What brands do – when they get it right…

We are creatures of habit with some basic instincts subconsciously dictating every day actions and decisions. Even in our oh so cultural society, it often feels that we are just a very thin layer away from our ‘uneducated’ ancestors we … Continue reading

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Can You Buy Brand Loyalty?

It remains to be seen if the latest move from coffee brand giant Starbucks will get their brand loyalty program back on track. Whilst they, like Google, Amazon and Vodaphone, have been using loopholes in the UK tax law to … Continue reading

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SME Branding Lesson #22 – Turning a Negative into a Positive

I’ve just had a weekend in York and had lunch at a restaurant / bar with a Latin theme. It was spacious in itself but there was no toilet on the ground floor. You had to climb five flights of … Continue reading

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Form over Function – Is Being Fashionable Really Enough to Innovate a Brand?

It has taken me a few days to digest a press release I received relating to Filofax, a brand I have been following for a while now. Here is the bit that that is almost too bad to be true … Continue reading

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Another Brand Advert That Talks the Language of Land Rover

I came across this advert and I think it is another great example for using the language of a brand to get across the brand message. It’s simple, it’s not trying too hard and it even reminds of one of … Continue reading

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Spiderman, Spiderman – What Have They Done to You Now?

They have done well getting their movies linked with instantly available merchandise. My three year old can name you all the super heros not because we have taken him to see any of the movies, animations or comic strips, but … Continue reading

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The Mighty Power of Personal Brands and Twitter – and what the ASA has to say about it…

… In the case of Wayne Rooney, some may say that brand personality may be debatable compared to David Beckham or Stevie Gerrard, but he has undeniably an amazing followership on twitter and the brains behind him to make money … Continue reading

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