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Mental branding for memorable business

When there are about a million competitors in your marketplace, it’s hard to stand out and be recognised as different.  “A mental rate for your rental mate” — its perhaps a tad unexpected for a van rental business, but hey, … Continue reading

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Egg on your shop display designers!

(Or the POS department)… What a shame! Someone in the display section of this major high street retailer really missed an opportunity. These egg timers have all the promise of making an eye catching product in the kitchen department. Why not … Continue reading

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Santander and That Strange Connection

We must be a nation in love with sport at the moment. Last year’s Olympics are still a relatively fresh memory, Andy Murray did us proud at Wimbledon and all is not lost yet for the football, either. I get … Continue reading

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Sticks Together Nicely – Simple Post Office Brand Graphics

My advertising tutor at Central Saint Martins always talked about ‘ness-ness’ of things, about finding the essence of a subject matter and then visualising it in an engaging and simple manner. (Hello Clive!) Such adverts or brand messages have an … Continue reading

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How (NOT) to Advertise a Fleece Blanket

It’s one of those lovely finds my husband brought back from a business meeting – well, the photo that is, he wouldn’t have dared to get the product looking at the packaging! I guess I may have been in danger … Continue reading

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Ten Key Steps to Remarkable Branding by Design

Originally posted on solomozone:
Integrating user experience design in your branding and marketing requires a fresher look at how consumers interact with your brand and consume content. “By using UXD, companies can find out how messages are framed and where…

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Which Came First – The Chicken or The Chicken?

I know that when you really look hard, everything has been done before in some way, shape or form, and the challenge of creatives is to come up with new and innovative ways to use a set number of visual … Continue reading

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