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Nice brand name execution, shame about the brand domain name execution…

The jury is out on this one… What looks like a really slick and simple branding concept for One Euston Square (which forms part of a pedestrianised southern approach to Euston station) has been flawed by an in my mind over … Continue reading

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Odd Things to Stick Your Brand On Olympics Special

The Paralympics have arrived and we are once again bathing in the excitement of a global sporting event hosted in our capital. I had been on the lookout for cool and crazy merchandise featuring the much debated and much protected … Continue reading

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When a Brand Identity Gets a Second Meaning – Let’s Hope by Chance…

They have everything going for their brand identity. Clean, clear type and colours. A bold message. A modern feel. Shame that the first thing I associate with their logo is not anything to do with food and transport / logistics … Continue reading

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Homebase Rebrand – Rebel Without a Cause?

This week saw the launch of the new homebase brand, designed by Design Bridge. The result was received rather lukewarm with a hint of disappointment at least by the design community. Most agree that it is certainly an evolution instead … Continue reading

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Proof of the Pudding – Or is it a Bun?

The Santander brand identity has been a bit of a mystery to me ever since they took over our high streets in personal and business banking. In my mind, Santander are a baker, not a financial institution – mostly because … Continue reading

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Alan Sugar Rants and Builds Brands

The PR and brand management department at Lloyds TSB must have had a great morning. Lord Alan Sugar (will I ever get used to this title?) is on good form and discussing a variety of topics on the Chris Moyles … Continue reading

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Why Bradford & Bingley don’t make bread

My husband was making Scotch pancakes for our little one, which is always an event in itself, when he remembered growing up with the belief that Bradford & Bingley also made flour. Why? I asked. Well, it’s because of the … Continue reading

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