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How Times Have Changed…

Helping family to move house a couple of weekends ago – yes, this is one more reason why I am so inactive on my little blog at the moment – I came across a couple of brand items that struck … Continue reading

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SME Branding Lesson #19 – Brand Strategy and the Recession

It’s much talked-about in the media and favourite subject of a lot of marketing agencies – for good reason. An economic downturn inevitably means budget cuts, and marketing, design and advertising budgets are often conceived to be the outgoings which … Continue reading

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Take a Bite of These!

Talking of large brands hesitant to try new things in this economic climate, Land Rover Dubai had something else in mind. Their survival guide doesn’t just explain how to survive in the Arabian desert, it also offers the reader to … Continue reading

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Great Framework…

Whilst I will always be the first one to point out amateurish signage or posters in shop windows as detrimental to a brand, I did have to smile about this one. It’s nothing special, but somehow it just works being … Continue reading

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Steve Jobs – And what we can learn from the master of brand management and innovation?

I am astonished actually how much Steve Job’s untimely death has affected me. I could explain it being due to a recent personal loss and that is probably the real reason, but the feeling remains that the world is a … Continue reading

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Ecademy and How to Write a Pitch

So what does a product need to go to market? A brand analysis. Tick. A strategy for its brand positioning in the market, its proposed dialogue with stakeholders, its social media engagement. Tick. A brand identity that captures the essence … Continue reading

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